"We want to be the best friend of the CFO"

Experts in modern, integrated budget, planning and forecasting.
A leading Jedox consultancy house in Europe
We offers you modern, integrated, state-of-the art solutions fully based on your needs.

“A project for more than 3 months is not a project, but a problem – We delivers solutions within weeks, on time and agreed budget”

Gain control of your budget, planning and data sources in an all-in-one platform

A new turn

AI in Enterprise Performance Management

It requires no experts – or for you to be one to expand budget/forecast and Enterprise Performance Management with AI. Jedox is a modern EPM software platform and comes with integrated AI recommendations to support users throughout the company.
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We are at eye level with our costumers
- People cooperate with people.

We are at eye level with our customers and understands the business. Our customers are at the center, and it is important for us that we achieve a good, efficient and trusting cooperation. Qbit consultants have deep financial insight and business understanding, which contributes to value and successful solutions for our customers.

Leading provider of Jedox

Qbit is Jedox Diamond Partner

Qbit is one of Jedox’s most experienced and competent solution houses. Qbit is one of only 7 Jedox Diamond Partners worldwide and is Jedox Certified Training Center in Scandinavia. This year’s Jedox partner in 2015 and 2016.
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Jedox to both companies, municipalities and the state

Qbit offers both tailor-made solutions and standard modules for your business. With Jedox standard platform, we deliver solutions according to customers’ requirements and wishes in relation to data, processes and user interface design. But we can also start from standard modules in order to reach goals faster. Jedox has several standard modules, and within the State and Municipality we have designed several models in connection with uniform work processes.

Jedox named best in test of BARC 2018:

Europe's largest EPM survey - Jedox leader in:

Business benefits

business value

custumer satisfaction

driver-based planning

ease of use


product satisfaction

project length

project success

user experience



Why Qbit?

Solutions that make sense

Qbit delivers costume made solutions, so our customers do not have to adapt or cope with. "A project of more than 3 months is NOT a project, but a problem." We deliver solutions in weeks, on time and on budget.


Qbit consultants have deep financial insight and business understanding that contribute to value and successful solutions with our customers.

Jedox Diamond Partner

Qbit is one of Jedox's most experienced and compelling solution houses. 1 among only 7 Jedox Diamond Partner Worldwide and Jedox Certified Training Center in Scandinavia.

We are people working together with people

We are at eye level with our customers and understand business. Our customers are at the center and it is important for us to achieve a good, efficient and trustworthy cooperation. Qbit consultants have deep financial insight and business understanding that contribute to value and successful solutions.

Discover the difference with Jedox


Flexible software platform

Jedox adapts to changing complexity and processes in your organization, with one of the most flexible platforms.


Seamless data integration

Connect Jedox to any data source in the cloud or locally, using the effective Jedox integration tool.


Connect Intuitiv Excel PLUS

You choose your interface: you can choose to work in Excel, the intuitive web or mobile.



Jedox uses multi-dimensional database that uses the latest in-memory technology and GPU for real-time analysis.


Less time on development, more value

Implement your application fast with the option of prototypes, flexible implementation and application implementation without coding.


Strengthen your mobility

Strengthen your employees on the go with mobile and modern technology. Receive your business information everywhere.


Data Governance

Protect your data through user roles and permissions controlled with Jedox - even down the cellular level.


Reasonable prices for all costumers

Excperience why costumers rates Jedox high in “price for value” and is choosing Jedox as their standard group platform.

What Qbit's costumers says

“In 2011, we were hitting the limit with our Excel model, which had become very complex. We entered into a “Master of Science” collaboration with the purpose of converting our Excel to Jedox within 3 months. Today we use Jedox in the 5th year as our group budget and reporting platform”
Jan Knudsen
Head of Business
”We chose a partnership with Qbit in August 2016 based on using Jedox to upgrade our Group forecasts to more automatic and modern management. We see great opportunities. We see great opportunities in the collaboration in terms of eliminating / upgrading the group’s many complex and manual spreadsheets, with the more flexible and user-friendly Jedox.”
Anders Egeblad
Head of Corporate
“Rambøll chose Jedox as a group budget and forecast solution for all 500 budget users worldwide – due to self-service, flexibility, user-friendliness and price – and for the first time ever, Rambøll has submitted its consolidated group budget on time”
Christiane Johansen
Director Global Support

Why Qbit believes in Jedox implementations

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With Excel users
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Barc Market Analysis
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Growth every year
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