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What can Jedox offer?

Jedox embrace all business units to collect information’s and to support business and work processes,
and at the same time, gives insight in company goals and results.

Case: Faxe Municipality

Faxe Municipality chooses Jedox to automate and streamline the municipality’s processes, and to improve the user-friendliness of the recurring budget follow-up, which is referred to as “My Expected Accounting” in municipal management.

Case: TDC Group

TDC has conducted a comprehensive market analysis and testing of software solutions and has chosen Jedox as their future group planning and forecast platform.

Case: Faxe Municipality

Faxe Municipality have chosen Jedox as the municipality’s standard platform to further streamline the many and heavy and manual work processes the municipality has in both the Group and around the various disciplines.

Faxe Municipality have chosen Jedox as their standard platform to further streamline the heavy and manual work processes they have in both at group level and around various business sites.

The first project involves the implementation of a new budget follow-up system and a digital budget catalogue.
Time is money

Case: NNIT

Effective planning and performance controls are essential for a dynamic company like NNIT that started out in Denmark. Today, it has more than 2,800 employees and a strong global reach – selling and sourcing from various locations in Asia, the United States, and Central Europe.

Tryg Group Rolling Forecasting and Analysis platform

It is essential for the Executive Board and the Group to have insight into the development of the business in a number of areas. For this, Tryg had over a number of years developed advanced and complex Excel and Access models to support the forecast.
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Case: Bonnier

The purpose of Bonnier Business to Business is to keep the business managers updated and informed – both in relation to their business area and for the entire organization.

Herlev Municipality digitizes Budget Follow up in a partnership with Qbit

Herlev Municipality has chosen Digital Forecast module from Qbit, to digitalize the resource heavy and manual budgeting processes. Herlev Municipality plans to reuse the solutions to digitalize other manual and resource heavy working processes in the organization.

Corona initiative - My budget is useless

When the Corona crisis hit the company Ramboll and a number of their public customers closing down their projects, it was impossible to use the current 2020 budget. The world had changed and there was great uncertainty about ongoing and new projects around the world.

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