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BARC The Planning Survey 2019

Jedox has once again achieved excellent results in this year’s “The Planning Survey 19” conducted by analyst firm BARC. In the world’s largest user survey for planning software, the Jedox position as a market-leading planning and analytics vendor was confirmed.

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Qbit – COVID-19

We are facing a potentially major crisis, perhaps one of the biggest challenges facing our society and businesses since World War II. But even though Denmark and most of the world are shutting down for a period, it will make us all be more aware of the need for more modern and real time solutions.

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Qbit expands

In our strategy of going international, we have per. January 2020 established a consulting company in Riga by taking over the company TVK, which has been working with Jedox and consulting projects for more than 7 years. The new company will be a subsidiary of Qbit Denmark and is called Qbit Latvia. With our experiences from Denmark and Latvia, we collaborate with Jedox to be involved in major international projects

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AIssistedTM Planning and Performance Management

The Digital Transformation is Fueled by AI The digital transformation is changing business as we know it. Data is the new currency, and companies need to continuously analyze data from multiple sources in realtime. Artifi cial Intelligence (AI) thrives on massive data and fuels the digital transformation. Thanks to the availability of aff ordable and …

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Hey Siri, What’s My Forecasted EBITDA Look Like?

Even though we have so much advanced technology surrounding us, we still cannot just ask, “Hey Siri, what’s my forecasted EBITDA look like?” There are many reasons why such technology isn’t available yet—insufficient data, unstructured data and some human knowledge that is not yet transferable to machine.

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