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Specialist within Budget / ForecastBeyond BudgetingRolling ForecastFinancial ConsolidationCost AllokeringPredictive Analytics / AI

Specialist within

Budget / ForecastBusiness intelligenceRolling ForecastFinancial ConsolidationCost AllokeringPredictive Analytics / AI

Leading Jedox consultancy house in Europe

Jedox Excellence Center – offers the most talented Enterprise Performance Management consultants from our offices in Copenhagen and Riga. Finance consultants with a MSc profile, with business management skills and technical experience – from projects at both private and public companies.

Digitize the many and heavy Excel processes
in a few months with a modern software tool

Did you know?
  • Excel users loves Jedox – you will keep the best from Excel and at the same time, eliminate all the heavy work with validation, processes, consolidation, historic and versions

  • All users will be online and work with same data at the same time, integrated with an approval process and automated collection and consolidation of forecast expectations and explanations. The system knows who is doing what and when.

What do we do?
  • We offer the users an modern app to do the online forecast which is user-friendly, limiting the time spent and increases the job satisfaction

  • You will have an automate consolidation of all user profiles and each forecast with expectations and explanations – on the fly – with a status monitor with a graphical budget process overview, how far are the different users in the budget process.

Discover the difference with Jedox

Flexible software platform

Jedox adapts to changing complexity and processes in your organization, with one of the most flexible platforms.

Seamless data integration

Connect Jedox to any data source in the cloud or locally, using the effective Jedox integration tool.

Connect Intuitiv Excel PLUS

You choose your interface: you can choose to work in Excel, the intuitive web or mobile.


Jedox uses multi-dimensional database that uses the latest in-memory technology and GPU for real-time analysis.

Strengthen your mobility

Strengthen your employees on the go with mobile and modern technology. Receive your business information everywhere.

Less time on development, more value

Implement your application fast with the option of prototypes, flexible implementation and application implementation without coding.

Data Governance

Protect your data through user roles and permissions controlled with Jedox - even down the cellular level.

Reasonable prices for all costumers

Excperience why costumers rates Jedox high in “price for value” and is choosing Jedox as their standard group platform.

Jedox awarded as best in test by BARC 2019:

Europe's largest EPM survey - Jedox leader in:






Thousands of companies have already chosen Jedox!

We offer the opportunity to try Jedox for free – Our consultants are always ready with instructions for using the Jedox software or ready to answer any question you might have.
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