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“In 2011, we were hitting the limit with our Excel model, which had become very complex. We entered into a “Master of Science” collaboration with the purpose of converting our Excel to Jedox within 3 months. Today we use Jedox in the 5th year as our group budget and reporting platform”
Jan Knudsen
Head of Business Controlling
“We have evaluated the market for budget and consolidation systems and chose in May 2016 to implement a POC with Jedox, with the aim of supporting Bonnier B2B’s need to streamline and automate the group budget and reporting process for all European companies. We then quickly decided to proceed with the implementation and will GO LIVE in November 2016.”
Karmo Kaas-Lutsberg
“In a few months, we got help converting a large and heavy Excel budget model, to a modern Jedox budget solution, with digital support for workflows and automated flow. Delivered on time and within agreed finances.”
Claus Jacobsen
Finance Manager
“We conducted an evaluation of the market for budget systems and found Jedox the most competitive. In close cooperation with Qbit, Jedox has today become our strategic platform for digitizing work processes, including budget process, analysis and reporting.”
Carsten Nygaard
“In an EU tender in 2015, we chose in competition with, among others, KMD and CSC, Qbit as supplier of group budget and forecast system, to support facilities, investment, salary management, internal framework, finance, budget and activity. Jedox is simultaneously being expanded to support special solution for the meat-control for budget management of the unit’s business model.
Jon Simonsen
“We chose to convert our manual and time-consuming Excel model into an efficient and digital Construction and Liquidity Management model, based on Jedox. This to guide the project managers through the follow-up in order to achieve a right user satisfaction and better quality in entries and answers. The module also provides an overview of the budget process and automatic consolidation of budget numbers, explanations and versions.”
Christian Nielsen
"We have had a corporation with Qbit for many years and we use Jedox to digitize our corporate finance processes to support the monthly reporting and status on the total forecast for the municipality, finance, and level of activities. We continuously see opportunities where we can reuse Jedox - and we have until now reused it for reporting to the political level, reused to collect and consolidate all budget and saving proposals from the business sites and again, reused to consolidate and report construction and assets accounts. "
Brian Johansen
CFO, Lolland Municipality
"Qbit has help us to digitalization and streamline several classical manual and heavy Excel processes at Faxe Municipality. Qbit has help us to modernize and integrate processes to benefit and automate the budget, planning and forecast processes in the corporate finance department and business units. Today we use the digital modules to collect the budget and saving proposals from the business sites for the budget planning process, we use it for Consumption reporting to the Management team. The digital modules secure user administration, approval processes, version controlling, historic with changes and explanations – a automated and digital consolidation of it all. We plan to reuse our Jedox investment also to cover construction management and to reuse it for a more efficient and user-friendly way to do registrations and dispositions accounts at business sites. "
Kim Stennicke
Head of Finance, Faxe Municipality
"In connection with Herlev Municipality´s new IT digitization strategy, we chose Digital Budget and Forecasting module from Qbit, with integration to KMD Opus and digitization of the many processes, manual and heavy Excel works. The budget users can easily every month forecast and explain the expectations for the year end results and the module runs a automated approval process, online consolidation of all forecast from every business units and on top that, runs the reporting to the Management group and the politicians. We are planning also to implement more of Qbit´s standard module to digitalize processes around Budget planning and budget proposals, to reuse for construction management and consumption status."
Kristian Lambrecht
Director of IT, HR and Finance, Herlev Municipality
“We chose to use Qbit’s expertise in government financial management. Probation Service needed competencies within government financial management and budgeting, and here the choice fell on Qbit. The task consisted of developing a budget model and preparing a first budget that could be used by the management of the institution in question.”
Peter Schultz-Nielsen
“Metropol has, after a comprehensive bidding process with the participation of all EPM suppliers, chosen to enter into a strategic cooperation with Qbit to deliver their future economy and management model with Jedox. In the year 2018, Metropol and UCC will be merged into an educational institution with 20,000 students and approx. 1,600 employees.”
Mads Vanggaard
Business Controller
“Hørsholm Municipality wants a more automated and version-driven forecast of liquidity development for the municipality’s management and politicians.We chose to replace the Excel model with Jedox to eliminate the manual data and integration tasks and at the same time achieve validity, quality and more accurate liquidity forecasts. “
Thomas Rafn
Centerchef for økonomi
“Rambøll chose Jedox as a group budget and forecast solution for all 500 budget users worldwide – due to self-service, flexibility, user-friendliness and price – and for the first time ever, Rambøll has submitted its consolidated group budget on time”
Christiane Johansen
Director Global Shared Support
”We chose a partnership with Qbit in August 2016 based on using Jedox to upgrade our Group forecasts to more automatic and modern management. We see great opportunities. We see great opportunities in the collaboration in terms of eliminating / upgrading the group’s many complex and manual spreadsheets, with the more flexible and user-friendly Jedox.”
Anders Egeblad
Head of Corporate Finance

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“A project lasting more than 3 months is NOT a project, but a problem.”
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    Qbit delivers costume made solutions, so our customers do not have to adapt or cope with. "A project of more than 3 months is NOT a project, but a problem." We deliver solutions in weeks, on time and on budget.

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    Qbit consultants have deep financial insight and business understanding that contribute to value and successful solutions with our customers.

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    We are at eye level with our customers and understand business. Our customers are at the center and it is important for us to achieve a good, efficient and trustworthy cooperation. Qbit consultants have deep financial insight and business understanding that contribute to value and successful solutions.

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