Beyond Budgeting

The time is now - to challenge the traditional financial management system and the budget? This is exactly what Beyond Budgeting focuses on, by measuring our performance over time and ensuring that the planning as well as learning to understand the future. Qbit takes the elements from the Beyond Budgeting philosophy and uses them to the benefit of the individual company. We can also help your business.

We have built up extensive knowledge in finance, activity and budget management, and our solutions are based on the German product Jedox, which can be integrated 100% with Excel, and which is at the same time as easy to use as Excel. Jedox is the market leader in modern budget management and can support budget anno 2020 as well as Beyond Budgeting elements.

“In 2011, we were hitting the limit with our Excel model, which had become very complex. We entered into a “Master of Science” collaboration with the purpose of converting our Excel to Jedox within 3 months. Today we use Jedox in the 5th year as our group budget and reporting platform”

Jan Knudsen
Head of Business, ABB

“Rambøll chose Jedox as a group budget and forecast solution for all 500 budget users worldwide – due to self-service, flexibility, user-friendliness and price – and for the first time ever, Rambøll has submitted its consolidated group budget on time”

Christiane Johansen
Director Global Support, Rambøll
”We chose a partnership with Qbit in August 2016 based on using Jedox to upgrade our Group forecasts to more automatic and modern management. We see great opportunities. We see great opportunities in the collaboration in terms of eliminating / upgrading the group’s many complex and manual spreadsheets, with the more flexible and user-friendly Jedox.”
Anders Egeblad
Head of Corporate, Tryg

Træf bedre og hurtigere beslutninger

For many companies, budgeting is a lengthy and demanding process. This process could perhaps be made far more value-creating if the energy were instead used for constructive, strategic dialogue and decisions. Beyond Budgeting has some concrete suggestions on how specific techniques such as rolling forecasting, trend curves and relative performance evaluation can be used as a management tool when used in a structured interaction.

What can Jedox offer?

Jedox embrace all business units to collect information’s and to support business and work processes,
and at the same time, gives insight in company goals and results.

Jedox Succes Story TDC Group

TDC Group, driverbaseret
budget/forecast løsning.

TDC has conducted a comprehensive market analysis and testing of software solutions and has chosen Jedox as their future group planning and forecast platform.

Tryg Group Forecasting

Det er afgørende for direktionen og koncernen, at have indsigt i udviklingen af forretningen indenfor en række områder.

Til dette havde Tryg over en årrække udviklet avancerede og komplekse Excel og Access modeller, til at understøtte prognosen.

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