Digital Activity-based budgeting

A modern online tool for a municipal driver-based activity-based budgeting that can easily be integrated with local professional systems and targets the needs of the various areas/departments in an agile and flexible way.

Integrated solution and digital workflow:


"In connection with Herlev Municipality´s new IT digitization strategy, we chose Digital Budget and Forecasting module from Qbit, with integration to KMD Opus and digitization of the many processes, manual and heavy Excel works..."
Kristian Lambrecht
Director of IT, HR and Finance, Herlev Municipality
"We have had a corporation with Qbit for many years and we use Jedox to digitize our corporate finance processes to support the monthly reporting and status on the total forecast for the municipality..."
Brian Johansen
CFO, Lolland Municipality
"Qbit has help us to digitalization and streamline several classical manual and heavy Excel processes at Faxe Municipality. Qbit has help us to modernize and integrate processes to benefit and automate the budget, planning and forecast processes in the corporate finance department and business units..."
Kim Stennicke
Head of Finance, Faxe Municipality

What can Jedox offer?

Jedox embrace all business units to collect information’s and to support business and work processes,
and at the same time, gives insight in company goals and results.

TDC Group

TDC Group driver based budget and forecasting solution. TDC made comprehensive market reaches and test of CPM software tools. Chose Jedox for their future corporate budget, planning and forecast platform.

Tryg Group Forecasting

It is essential for the Executive Board and the Group to have insight into the development of the business in a number of areas. For this, Tryg had over a number of years developed advanced and complex Excel and Access models to support the forecast.

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