Tryg Group Rolling Forecasting and Analysis platform

It was time and resource consuming

The challenge, however, was that the models required many manual processes. It took 6 weeks of work to collect and prepare a forecast, and at the same time it was technically difficult to show rolling forecasts – for the current year and 3 years ahead. It was often just in time Group Finance reached to deliver the forecast every quarter.

What used to take 6 weeks now only takes 1 week

With Jedox, all data and business processes are digitized so that the solution guides the communication to the users in the business, and ensures that all input in the form of changes to forecasts, proposals for new initiatives and explanations are automatically collected and promptly consolidated. Instead of the cumbersome spreadsheets with many sub-sheets, the business now receives targeted, simple and easy-to-use forecasting tools in a modern browser that makes it easy and fast for users to access up-to-date information and quickly and easily report to the Group Finance.

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Qbit provides a modern and tailor-made solutions so our customers do not have to adapt or settle for it.

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BARC The Planning Survey 2019

Jedox has once again achieved excellent results in this year’s “The Planning Survey 19” conducted by analyst firm BARC. In the world’s largest user survey for planning software, the Jedox position as a market-leading planning and analytics vendor was confirmed.

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