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Vi har samlet en række aktuelle markedsanalyser om Corporate Performance Management systemer og giver dig et indblik i, hvordan markedet og brugerne ser Jedox og andre udbydere.
BARC 2018 er Europas største markedsundersøgelse, der spørger virksomhedernes brugere om, hvordan deres erfaringer er med markedsførende EPM-systemer. Læs også Howard Dresner, Gartner Group samt ACCA undersøgelserne, som omhandler virksomheders parathed til den digitale transformation.

47 top positions in BARC's market analysis

With a total of 46 top rankings across the three comparison groups, including 15 top rankings in categories such as “Business Value”, “Functionality”, “Data Integration”, “Self-service” and “Ease of Use”. An impressive 96% product and user satisfaction speaks for itself.

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ACCA User survey
What’s clear is that the classic finance model is changing quickly. Previously the Finance department could expect to spend around 50% of their time on operational activities, with just 20% apportioned to performance issues. That model has now flipped, with performance analysis, interacting with decision-makers and other strategic initiatives now accounting for around half of Finance’s time. How the Office of the CFO adjusts to its evolving role is critical, particularly as it works to build both its understanding of digital technologies and the increased importance of data analytics.

Jedox is leading in Enterprise Planning and Business Intelligence

Howard Dresner conducted an Enterprice Performance Management market analysis (Budget and Forecast tools) asking users at companies in America, Europe and Asia.
Jedox users are the most satisfied with the product and solution – and are the most satisfied with their supplier. “Best in class” to understand customers’ business needs and consulting experience and also to be able to meet the contractual and financial conditions.

Magic Quadrant for Cloud Financial Planning and Analyse Solutions

There are some vendors that control the market, but it does not necessarily make them the best to cover all functional and technical requirements. Application managers should use this Magic Quadrant to find suppliers who are the best match for their particular business needs.

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Why Qbit?

“A project lasting more than 3 months is NOT a project, but a problem.”
  • Solutions that make sense

    Qbit delivers costume made solutions, so our customers do not have to adapt or cope with. "A project of more than 3 months is NOT a project, but a problem." We deliver solutions in weeks, on time and on budget.

  • Competencies

    Qbit consultants have deep financial insight and business understanding that contribute to value and successful solutions with our customers.

  • Jedox Diamond Partner

    Qbit is one of Jedox's most experienced and compelling solution houses. 1 among only 7 Jedox Diamond Partner Worldwide and Jedox Certified Training Center in Scandinavia.

  • We are people working together with people

    We are at eye level with our customers and understand business. Our customers are at the center and it is important for us to achieve a good, efficient and trustworthy cooperation. Qbit consultants have deep financial insight and business understanding that contribute to value and successful solutions.

What Qbit's costumers says

“In 2011, we were hitting the limit with our Excel model, which had become very complex. We entered into a “Master of Science” collaboration with the purpose of converting our Excel to Jedox within 3 months. Today we use Jedox in the 5th year as our group budget and reporting platform”

Jan Knudsen
Head of Business

“Rambøll chose Jedox as a group budget and forecast solution for all 500 budget users worldwide – due to self-service, flexibility, user-friendliness and price – and for the first time ever, Rambøll has submitted its consolidated group budget on time”

Christiane Johansen
Director Global Support
”We chose a partnership with Qbit in August 2016 based on using Jedox to upgrade our Group forecasts to more automatic and modern management. We see great opportunities. We see great opportunities in the collaboration in terms of eliminating / upgrading the group’s many complex and manual spreadsheets, with the more flexible and user-friendly Jedox.”
Anders Egeblad
Head of Corporate
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