Digital Budgeting

Replace the manual Excel-based budgeting process and save man-years
with an integrated digital workflow in an online tool for central economics,
departments and politicians.

Integrated digital workflow is to find in:


"In connection with Herlev Municipality´s new IT digitization strategy, we chose Digital Budget and Forecasting module from Qbit, with integration to KMD Opus and digitization of the many processes, manual and heavy Excel works..."
Kristian Lambrecht
Director of IT, HR and Finance, Herlev Municipality
"We have had a corporation with Qbit for many years and we use Jedox to digitize our corporate finance processes to support the monthly reporting and status on the total forecast for the municipality..."
Brian Johansen
CFO, Lolland Municipality
"Qbit has help us to digitalization and streamline several classical manual and heavy Excel processes at Faxe Municipality. Qbit has help us to modernize and integrate processes to benefit and automate the budget, planning and forecast processes in the corporate finance department and business units..."
Kim Stennicke
Head of Finance, Faxe Municipality

Group finances clarify budget follow-up to the entire municipality.

The system automatically collects budget and consumption from the finance system and distributes the local follow-up in relation to area and budget responsibility. History and comments from last estimates are provided to the individual budget users. Group finances comment in relation to areas of attention and guidelines. The process is opened by pressing the button and the budget managers are informed that the budget is ready and information on deadlines for feedback.

Group finance has a graphical overview

Group finance has a graphical overview of the budget managers via a status monitor, which tells whether the user is started, is in process, has submitted or is approved.

Budget responsible in the subject
area can see its consumption

The budget responsible in the subject area can see its consumption to date, its budget and with information and guidelines from Group Finance. The budget manager enters his expectations and comments in relation to deviations and attention points. He can comment on several levels, own notes, to the center manager and to the management/ political level. When the work is finished, the button is pressed and budget follow-up is delivered automatically.

Unit manager/ center manager receives a consolidated budget version for his area

Unit manager / center manager receives a consolidated budget version for his area, can assess the individual expectations and comments and can approve a total budget follow-up for the area. Can approve, but can also reject budget proposals if more information or new assessment of the expected economy is desired. Unit manager / center manager sends an approved and overall budget follow-up to Group Finance, possibly. with own comments / explanations for the overall version.

All budget inputs are
automatically consolidated

All budget input is automatically consolidated and Group Finance has a prominent access to a comprehensive version with accompanying comments. Accepted by Group Finance and the budget follow-up forms the basis for reporting to the Executive Board and the case presentation at the political level.

Integrated digital workflow is to find in:

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Jedox embrace all business units to collect information’s and to support business and work processes,
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You can’t do Rolling
forecast with Excel

Rikard Olsson, from Beyond Budgeting Institute, said at the FP&A conference i København, “You can’t do Rolling forecast with Excel – I am not paid by Qbit but you need a system like Jedox to do this”.

Tryg Group

It is essential for the Executive Board and the Group to have insight into the development of the business in a number of areas. For this, Tryg had over a number of years developed advanced and complex Excel and Access models to support the forecast.

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