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NNIT modernized financial planning on time and in budget with Jedox.






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Financial planning and budgeting

System environment

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Executive Summary

NNIT is a leading Danish IT service
company with a strong global reach.
Following a change in its steering
model at the beginning of 2017, the
company needed a new solution for
financial planning and budgeting. It
chose Jedox after an extensive market
screening and in-house testing with the
free trial version. Thanks to the flexible,
intuitive software and its efficient
project management, NNIT rolled out a
comprehensive planning solution to 200
users on time and in budget.


200 (100 managers to be added in 2018)


Simplified, stabilized planning environment

Project delivery on time and in budget

High user satisfaction

Potential usage scenarios across the enterprise

Why Jedox?

Stand-alone planning software

Compatible with Microsoft technologies

Good response times worldwide

Flexible, scalable solution

Fast-growing, international IT consultancy

Effective planning and performance controls are essential for a dynamic company
like NNIT that started out in Denmark. Today, it has more than 2,800 employees and
a strong global reach – selling and sourcing from various locations in Asia, the United
States, and Central Europe.

New steering model
As the business grows, the complexity of its original planning system has
mushroomed as well. At its height, the Excel-based tool supported over 200 users
and sourced data from 28 stored procedures in underlying databases. A change in
the steering model for IT operations at the start of 2017 sealed the system’s fate. The
complex allocations needed to control performance from both customer and service
dimensions were just not possible in Excel.

Simplifying and stabilizing planning
NNIT screened the market for suitable products based on a request for information
and research from Gartner®. The main goals were to support the new steering
model, simplify the database structure, and stabilize the planning environment. The
company quickly focused its search on standalone products that were tailormade for
planning and compatible with Microsoft. Jedox was among those on the short list.

More than a gut feeling
Many competitors in this market are similar in terms of pricing, architecture,
and front end, but most do not have – or even allow – trial versions,” confided
Lisbeth Westergaard Nielsen, Program Leader and Finance Team Leader at NNIT.
“We downloaded Jedox ourselves, ran some integration tasks, uploaded our data,
crunched the numbers, and liked what we saw.”
Response time was another important criterion for the system, which was to be
hosted in Europe but used heavily in Asia. Jedox passed various latency tests with
flying colors. “The fact that we could play around with Jedox was decisive in my
opinion,” she added. “None of the other providers offered that.”

“Our developers built our own proof of concept in Jedox Cloud without any training or prior knowledge. The tool is so logical that you can understand it and work with it intuitively”

Lisbeth Westergaard Nielsen,
Finance Team Leader, NNIT

Efficient, lean project team

Throughout the project, Westergaard Nielsen worked together with an internal IT
business consultant, who was responsible for tasks such as integration, security, and
ETL. This small, dedicated team ensured effciency and minimized waste during the
tight build phase. It also collaborated with external implementation partners, who
were allocated full time to the project.

200 users in initial rollout
Today, NNIT uses Jedox for financial management, which encompasses planning,
budgeting, P&L planning for customers and services, and capacity management.
The system gives over 200 users in Denmark, China, the Philippines, and the Czech
Republic a single point of entry for their financial planning. They can view their input
in near real time and the aggregated results as the process evolves.

High user satisfaction
User feedback has been very positive and a rollout to the United States and
Switzerland is already in planning. Performance issues, which were commonplace
in the former planning tool, are now a thing of the past. Jedox has eliminated many
different tabs and steps so users simply input their data in one place. Many of these
inputs are now even driver-based so they can create capacity forecasts or build a
cost budget just by adding their FTE’s.

Project delivery on time and in budget
The management team at NNIT is also satisfi ed with the new planning solution, which
the team delivered on time and on budget. The company sees great opportunities
for using Jedox outside of finance as well. “Jedox is an extremely flexible and logical
tool,” commented Westergaard Nielsen. “You can work in a sandbox environment
and see fast results – not just for large-scale enterprise solutions like planning but
also for smaller ones to support day-to-day business.”

Taking planning to new levels
Over two thirds of the business at NNIT comes from IT operations – a service industry
with a completely other setup and complexity. Westergaard Nielsen sees huge
potential in linking activity-based costing to operational planning in Jedox to gain a
more seamless understanding of cost drivers and their overall financial impact.

“Going forward, I also hope to be able to engage and empower people to take a
more active interest in their financial performance, but that has to go hand in hand
with governance and processes,” she concluded. “It is much easier to roll out a new
system than to work with behavior and governance, where we are still in the early
stages. I think that is where Jedox will really stand up to the test and create the
benefits and value that we are hoping for.”

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